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Our Aliens


Community like ours is something you cannot possibly build alone.

We are so grateful to be joined by an out-of-this-world group of collaborators.


Thank You


Featured Performers

Proud to be prepping the Summer Camp stage for these gifted Aliens

Ryan Singer

Me & Paranormal You

Ryan Singer is a comic’s comic who electrifies mainstream audiences with material that is both uncompromising and unpretentious. Halloween weekend of 2022, his special THE SUPERNATURAL premiered, the 1st comedy special filmed in a haunted school. He’s also been seen on IFC, ScFy and has released 4 full-length comedy albums: FREE LOVE (2018), IMMORTAL FOR NOW (2015), COMEDY WONDER TOWN (2012) and HOW TO GET HIGH WITHOUT DRUGS (2010), 3 of which were chosen as a Top Comedy Album of the Year. He is the creator and host of the popular ME & PARANORMAL YOU, the twice-weekly mindcast (podcast) in which he has in-depth interviews with paranormal investigators, experiencers and members of secret societies. Selected by LA Weekly as one of “10 LA Comics to Watch”, mentioned in NY Magazine as a “Comic to Watch,” was listed in Rolling Stone Magazine as “Comedian Who Should Be Big,” is a frequent guest on the WTF Podcast w/Marc Maron and the Bob & Tom Show, and his joke “United Snacks of America” has nearly 11 million listens on Pandora.

@rsing (IG)

Karen Rontowski

Psychic Stand Up

Karen Rontowski’s fast-paced, quirky and charmingly optimistic comedy has been featured in clubs, TV, radio, and at corporate events all around the world.
Her stand-up showcases endearing, self-effacing and intelligent characters that catch you by surprise every time. Karen uniquely blends comedy with her experience as a Paranormal Investigator, Tarot and reiki master.

Karen has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, Sirius Satellite Radio, Comics Unleashed,, Live at Gotham, Comedy Central and Mysteries of the Unexplained. You can see her Dry Bar Comedy Special called Ridiculous Me on where it just received over 20 million hits. Her second special, War and Instant Pudding, comes out this year. She was also a Paranormal Panelist at the Los Angeles ComicCon.

After performing and hosting at paranormal conventions all over the world she created the hilariously odd web series Paranormal Karen where she has fun reporting from haunted and obscure places everywhere. She also has an in-depth podcast by the same name.

@rontowski (IG)


Event Practitioners

The event is jam packed with quality classes, workshops and sessions for you to choose from. Meet the practitioners who are graciously donating their time and gifts to make this years camp the best one yet, and get a glimpse of what to expect from their offerings.

Beth Luna

Here’s what I plan on doing: you can expect a good ass yoga class. Whether you have a regular practice or are beginning or somewhere in between, an all levels class will include some breathwork, accessible posing, learning some shit, challenging your body in ways that seem so simple, yet somehow make you do something great (or even hard)
Moments of rest (or honestly if you just need a solid place to get on your mat and move in anyway that honors you, or spend time in stillness) ~ my goal is to offer a chance to get some good practice in and ideally leave feeling shifted in some way for the better. I try to stay away from gimmick-y or basic types of yoga , and offer you a glance into the realization of your own elements and power within you. It’s important to me that while we’re out here discovering how our energy works, that we channel it masterfully.
That, and having fun while we do it

Kristen Hansen
Energy Class

I’m going to show the class a couple exercises to help them feel their energy and others. We are going to discuss working with clients and detecting cords and entities and how to remove them.

Rick Plautz
Sound Bath & Toning

Rick (The Bell Garden) offers a unique sound bath experience that includes music, quartz crystal bowls and vocal toning (singing a single note that resonates with the bowls and music), over the course of an hour of curated music. Participants are invited (but not required) to tone along with the facilitator, and with each other, to increase the healing power of frequency and vibration in harmony.

Sound is light in a different frequency, and sound baths offer the opportunity to imbue light with consciousness through the form of this ancient technology, as we tone together with conscious intent.

Peter Martocci
Mediumship Class

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirit. Just to be clear I have no control who comes through to us when we work. A session entails just having the intention to connect to spirit on your behalf for healing, uplift, peace, and guidance. So we sit and talk and see who comes through. We can always try connect to whoever you would like to connect to, but there are no guarantees.

Event Team Note - Pete is running an introduction Mediumship class, a chance for those interested of all skill and experience levels to learn and explore their mediumship interests, as well as drum circle and seance, at this years event. Check out the itinerary and be sure not to miss these powerful offerings, the mediumship class was much enjoyed and reminisced upon after last years event.

Amanda Wisely
Manifestation Class

One of the most powerful tools is mindset. How do you view yourself and what you are worthy of? What is a threshold guardian and how do those affect manifesting your desires in life? How often do we give our power away and limit ourselves? Take control back over your experiences and write your own destiny. We will discuss various limitations and how to breakthrough them. This class will also have a neuroscience and psychology backing. The subconscious is the most powerful entity in our existence and controls much more than most realize. This class will go deep into what it takes to achieve your dreams in life. How the Law of Attraction actually works, not just on the surface level, and how to utilize it toward a brighter future for not only yourself, but humanity as well!

Jonathan Wheeler
Deathwork for Magicians

Jonathan Wheeler is a magician deathworker working as a hospice registered nurse. In this class he will share what can be expected when working with the dying from the physical and spiritual aspects. He will share techniques to use to assist the dying person as they begin to transition out of their physical form, and how to keep yourself clean energetically. He will lead the group through the death vision and share how you can lead a dying person through the process as well.

Elia Amina
Movement Class

Elia began her movement journey dancing as soon as she could walk. She went to a performing arts high school in Birmingham, AL for dance, but chose not to pursue dance professionally due to some injuries. In college at the University of Arizona, she began attending yoga classes and fell in love with the practice. It was a way for her to calm her mind and be in tune with her body (a little more safely than in pointe shoes!). She taught yoga for a number of years in Tucson before moving back to Birmingham. Though her professional career as an office administrator has taken her away from teaching more regularly, she is excited to lead a morning movement class on Saturday! Come breathe and get into your body before a day full of fun activities! All experience levels are welcome! Please bring a yoga mat or towel as the class will be on concrete.

Shay Sevens
Inner Earth (shamanic) Journey

Shay will be offering a guided meditation/shamanic journey experience with intention to connect deeply with the land, the Earth Mother, each other and our individual and collective ancestral energies. We will be forging deep love filled connection with the Sacred Tree at Starstruck and from there grounding, inviting in sacred plant medicine energies through intention and releasing any density or jitters before following the mycelium like highway of light through Mother Gaia and far, far back through out ancestral lineage into the dawn of creation. We will be receiving love, messages, guidance and gifts throughout the journey and will return back home to the physical vessel alight with clarity, love, protection and deeper connection with all things.

Marisa LaGuardia
Reiki & Crystal Healing Session

Come and reconnect with a relaxing Reiki session guided by Marisa. This 1 hour group experience begins with gentle movement, a brief guided meditation, and ends with laying down and receiving.

Reiki is pure love energy that is directly channeled from Source. It encourages healing through relaxation by accessing the subtle energy bodies. This frequency is intelligent and knows exactly where to go. The more open you are to receiving, the more beneficial your treatment will be. It is common to feel tingling, shifts in temperature, and emotions during a session. It is also possible to have no physical reactions or have shifts come up days later. Regardless of your experience, know that Reiki is flowing.

What to bring (recommended, but not mandatory):

Yoga mat, towel, blanket or something to lay on
A notebook
Anything else that will help you feel comfortable


Community Collaborators

We are building community together, piece by piece forming a new reality.

A huge thank you to these beautiful Aliens who have helped support the vision and contributed their time and energy in co-creation.

Beth Luna

Bethany Luna 500 + hrs, has been teaching yoga since 2020. She has a passion for movement and the body, and has dedicated her life and time to learning and expressing the two through yoga. Restorative based practices bring her the most joy; focusing on relaxation & nervous system regulation and creating more by doing less. She also enjoys teaching form and flow style practices.

@bethluna (IG)

Follow Your Star
Stephanie Gandon

Through the process of doing the Soul Plans of all my friends and family, I began to better understand the people around me and myself. Soul Plan helped me see that we’re all on the same path but at different paces or phases. There is no such thing as right or wrong because we are all going to the same place once we are done incarnating. It is gratifying to assist others on this journey by sorting through the chaos and the noise to find their most profound sense of purpose. By tuning in to who you really are and what you’re meant to do on Earth, the inevitable highs and lows of life will become easier to navigate.

No socials for now

Soul Energy Work LLC
Lee Perry

Hi! I'm the owner and practitioner of Soul Energy Work. I started my journey in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Tradition of Reiki completing Level 1 in 2008, then Level 2 and 3 (also known as Master Class) in 2009. Receiving my certification as Master Teacher allows me to teach others in this tradition as well. Energy Healing, Reiki, Meditation, and work in the Akashic field have brought me so much peace, understanding, acceptance, and joy to my life that I wanted to share these experiences with others who are looking for the same things. My enjoyment of Energy Healing and the desire to help other people led me to create Soul Energy Work. My hope is to give people a positive experience they can take with them at the end of each session and class, bringing them closer to their specific version of Happiness. Thanks for reading and I look forward to working with you.

No socials for now

Aura Paintings by Becca

I read the aura and explain what the colors mean for each person and then also paint a Watercolor picture that gets mailed to them after the reading. Aura readings give clarity to yourself by giving you insight into yourself and your motivations.

physchicreadingswithbecca (Facebook)

Shekinah Healing
Gabrielle Mason

My Name is Gabrielle and there are several identities I would embrace: Priestess, Traditional Usui, Violet Flame, and Karuna Ki Reiki Master and Teacher, Cosmic Doula and Shaman, Sound Healer, Channel, and Intuitive. The most important element of identifying these things is so that you may innerstand that we possess a multitude of tools, experiences, and authentic wisdom to assist individuals in discovering their innermost essence and become conscious of their multidimensionality.

@shekinah_healing (IG tiktok)

Most Ghostly

Artist featuring upcycled projects and preloved fits. Vintage, festival, and casual duds. Handcrafted artwork and jewelry.

@mostghostly (IG)

Sacred Plant Medicine Truffles
Emporium Black

Allow me to introduce you to Emporium Black, a delectable handmade truffle shop owned and run by Brighid and Seamus. Their passion is their delicious chocolate nightshade truffles. These truffles offer the tools to help people reconnect and become their truest selves. Enjoying these truffles allows people to find their way home, realign their psyches, and set themselves free in a loving way.


The Naptown Mystic
Jeff Williams

The Naptown Mystic provides personalized rituals, spell jars, and Tarot readings to enrich your spiritual journey. Each service, tailored to your unique needs, helps you unlock your potential and transform challenges into growth opportunities. Experience the magic and discover your path with The Naptown Mystic.

@the_naptown_mystic (Insta)

Alchemical Treasure Maps
Jessica Laurie

I am a unique soul with a fierce spirit. I have spent a decade in the field of education as a Teacher, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Specialist, and advocate. Throughout my career, I’ve expanded my scope of practice to include play therapeutic approaches, poetry, mediation, movement, and sound healing. These approaches have significantly helped my students and clients, especially those impacted by lockdowns and isolation protocols.

No socials for now

Energetic Healing Artist
Kelly Hepper

As an energetic healing artist, I use music, poetry & deep reflection to gain insight & self-awareness. I use music as a tool for manifestation and healing through compassion & loving awareness. I have been composing music for over 25 years. I discovered intuitive healing gifts 9 years ago and after some training with a local mentor, began offering personal energy sessions 3 years ago (remote & in-person) I recently became a certified vibrational practitioner.

@highpriestessofharmony (IG)

Moon Mama Shop
Kenzie Pennington

Tarot Readings and more. (IG & tiktok)

Elia Amina Jones

Handmade Crafts

@bi.lou.lou (IG)

Griefeating with KK

If you are ready to lay your story of pain to rest, come journey with trash goddess KK into the beautiful Underworld where we will transmute any fear, guilt, shame and/or grief into the fertilizer for new growth of stories rooted in joy and love.

@dreadpiratekk (IG)

Pete Martocci

I have always felt a consistent connection with the spiritual realm since I was a child. It wasn’t until my Grandma Anna passed in my 20s when my full unfoldment began. From the other side of life my Grandma brought me along on a journey into many spiritual traditions as well as significant and intense connections with all forms of energy. I have been practicing mediumship for about 15 years. I also do shamanic journey work and various forms of energy healing. My day job has being building underground tunnels under the streets of NYC, so I believe I bring a different blunt new perspective on working and connecting to the spiritual realm.

@bluecollarspiritualist (IG)

Jet Artworks
Jess Walker

As an intuitive and an artist I have created designs which hold intentional frequencies. I use my ability to channel light language to infuse the artwork with energies to assist your energy field, much the same as crystals and reiki do.

@jet.artworks (IG) @jesswalker25 (tiktok)

LaGuardia Clayworks
Marisa LaGuardia

Marisa LaGuardia is a certified Reiki Master and Stone Medicine practitioner whose energy alignment sessions incorporates Reiki, Oracle cards, channeled messages, crystal healing, and wisdom from Animal Guides.


Magical Reawakening
Megan Gosal

I started my Magical Reawakening as a way to document my deeper explorations into Tarot, Runes, Moon Cycles, Seasons, Meditation… the things that seem to speak to a part of me that I feel like was once super active, then went a bit dormant, and now is awakening once again.
This website will be an evolving work, representative of the evolution and cycles I expect I will go through as a human here on Earth.
This site is also a place for me to put forth my offerings, which currently are focused on Tarot Readings. There are options to learn about Tarot to be able to support your own tarot reading journey or invest in a reading from me.

@magical.reawakening (Insta),

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