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Hot Alien Summer Camp

A [re]treat for the inner aliens in all of us

Aug 17 - 20 2023

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Have you secured your tickets for the trip of the summer?


Party with a purpose

This is our second annual festival-style retreat. Last year we had over 100 attendees who entered as strangers or acquaintances and left as friends & family. Whether you are a returning camper or you are ready to come out with us for the first time, this is a place for true non-judgmental fun & connection. Camp is set up for you to flow freely & easily to workshops, activities, relaxation time in nature, stillness, group fun , music, hanging out, eating, & most importantly connecting. The schedule is full of things you can choose to do, or not do. Whatever feels perfect for YOU in the moment. Show up as YOU and experience the magic of this community!

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“I really enjoyed the chill vibe, I loved the element of nature and the amount of space we all had to explore but also the central meeting space."
"I loved the people the most. And all the connections formed. And the follow up convos I've had with people since the event!"
“Loved being outdoors, and I really feel that the amount of programming offered  was the right amount of options. Not too many to be overwhelming, just enough to choose from. ”
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If you are feeling spaced out or have questions, we just might have the answers. Here is some info to help our far out campers come prepared to have the Hot Alien summer of your dreams.



Are kids and Dogs Welcome?

Absolutely. Please keep in mind that our event is designed with adults in mind, so we encourage you to bring snacks, activities and play items for kids or pets along with you.

What is the Trading Post?

The trading post was a huge hit last year. Bring some woo woo or just plain cool items you no longer use or are ready to pass along and find all sorts of treasures provided by other aliens doing the same. Exchange crystals, cards, jewellery, artwork, clothing, books, and anything else you can think of. This will be open and available for the whole event.

What is the bathroom situation?

If you book a Barn Suite or Tiny Home, each has a private bathroom.

There are clean & maintained bathroom/shower buildings on each side of the main barns for campers, glampers, and A-framers. There is also a single restroom available in the main building. 

If I stay offsite do I still need an event pass?

Yes, your event pass will cover the meals the venue provides as well as all the activities, performances, crafting, spaces and ambiance created by your event team.

Where's the merch?

We heard your voices from last year and are working with some talented Aliens to get these options up and running to be purchased prior to or at the event.

Contact us to donate your art!
More on this soon - Stay Tuned

Who is this Camp for?

We appeal to grown up aliens looking to explore, play, learn, grow, heal and connect with other grown up aliens.  We are not all woo woo or spiritual, but many are. We are a super open, accepting, inclusive, non judgmental group.

What time can I check in?

3pm Thursday and onward you can check in and get settled. Check out time is 11am on Sunday, after breakfast and closing ceremonies. If you want to book and arrive a day early or stay later Starstruck has been very accommodating in the past, or there are hotels close by. Shoot us an email for more info on this.

Staying Cool this Summer

All main buildings as well as the Barn Suites, Tiny Homes, & A-Frames come with air conditioning. There is a communal bonfire pit to cozy up to as well as individual fire pits at each tiny home, glamping spot, and A-Frame for nights out under the stars.

Can I sell/ offer services at the event?

Absolutely, we are all about it! Fill out a contact form below or zap us over an email at and tell us what you would like to sell or offer and we will get you on the list and schedule.

When is this awesome party?

The retreat runs from Thurs Aug 17th (3pm check in) to Sunday Aug 20th (11 am check out)

What should I bring?

Chairs and blankets, yoga mat, bug spray, sunscreen, swimsuit, towels, snacks & drinks, festival flare, costumes, yard/field games, cash for vendor market , food, or practitioner tips, items to trade at the Trading post, musical instruments if you want to share your talents, whatever else your heart desires. Bring some plain white clothes to Tie Dye and don't forget fun costumes or outfits for costume night, bring your own vibe (BYOV) Brunch, and Tea Time with Floraltwig. All of this is suggested not mandatory. Show up whatever way feels best!

What is the closest Airport?

Nashville Airport (BNA) is only about a 30 minute drive from Starstruck Farm.
Refer to our  
Ride Share channel on our DISCORD PAGE to connect with other attendees exploring those options.

I am coming solo, what are my accommodation options?

The camping or glamping spots are great for a solo Alien, and any of our accommodations can be booked for 1 despite the bed count. 

If you want to bunk with others and make new friends, check out our Shack Up channel on our  DISCORD PAGE  to find others like you!

'Shack Share' tickets are another option. These include a bed in one of the two hostel A-Frame cabins. By purchasing this ticket, you would be sharing a cabin with 2 other solo  travelers. 

What's up with food?

Breakfast is served Friday-Sunday morning as well as dinner Thursday and Saturday.  The onsite Chuckwagon Restaurant will be open all day to purchase food/drinks. There are a number of stores and restaurants nearby if you prefer something offsite. *There will be vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options for provided meals.

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